Sticky Spider Web & Pom Pom Races

Unfortunately for us, summer isn’t 2 months of sunshine. These activities were great fun for the times I wanted to hide away inside.

Sticky Spider Web:

All you need – masking tape and tissue paper. I draped the masking tape up and created a “spider web”. It took probably 3 attempts for me to be successful – it was harder than it looks. The kids each picked their own colour of tissue paper, tore and crumpled it (FUN!), and then threw it at the masking tape (MORE FUN!). The kids enjoyed it so much – they wanted to make tissue paper spiders to throw onto the web and eat all the “flies”.

Another fun tape activity –

PomPom Races:

This time I used painter’s tape to mark a track on the floor. Hailey had the opportunity to practice her writing – marking the start and finish of the track. They each picked a straw and a pompom – and the races began. They attempted to move the pompom from the start to the finish by blowing through their straw. We experimented with different sized pompoms, as well as different sized straws – to figure out which pompom/straw combo went the fasest/slowest/ and the easiest/hardest to manoeuvre. They begged me to make another track – offer up a challenge with twists and turns!

Even better – the track stayed up for days when we were done – turning into a race track for dinky cars and a walking path for barbie dolls.