Sun-baked Smores

This week – we explored the principles of heat and energy by creating a “Solar Oven” and used the energy of the sun to cook up some yummy s’mores.

pizza box solar oven-1

Seeing this one all over pinterest – it was definitely a must-try. Unfortunately our pizza box oven doesn’t look as dapper as the next persons, but I whole-heartedly stand-by it, as my kids were very much in charge, and being only 4 and 7, their aluminum foil work turned out to be actually quite impressive.

Here’s what you need:


  • empty pizza box
  • aluminum foil
  • plastic wrap
  • masking tape
  • black construction paper
    (not used but now recommended!)
  • chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers to indulge!

Luckily for us, living with two needy infants means cutting corners where you can – and a steady supply of hot-n-ready pizza’s available at a moments notice means readily available empty pizza boxes!

Hailey and Zach showing off their creation.

First, we covered the inside of the pizza box in foil. When I go to do this again, and I say when purposefully, meaning I will do this again, I will place black construction paper underneath the aluminum foil first. Apparently, it will absorb more of the heat, causing the oven to heat up faster, speeding up the cooking time.

After they covered the box in foil, I cut a flap out of the top by taking a knife and running it along 3 of the 4 edges, about an inch from the edge.We readjusted the aluminum foil and added a layer of plastic wrap – as a film that would cover the open part of the box. My twosome struggled with the plastic wrap so they ended up taping it over the top of the box, next time I would tape it underneath the lid of the box (for a neater look).


Hailey showing off her hard work.
Hailey showing off her hard work.
Zach in charge of the smores.







We brought their creation outside and set it up in a place where we knew the aluminum foil would get direct sun. Then for the fun part – we built our s’mores and placed the body of the s’more inside the pizza box to cook (leaving the top graham cracker off to be added right before eating).

Ready to cook!
Ready to cook!

The Verdict: It took quite a while (about 45 minutes) for our marshmallows to melt – due in part I am sure to the missing black construction paper and also because shortly after this moment, our sun hid behind the clouds. I just kept checking on them and sent the twosome off to play instead of watching the clock.

As you can tell here – they were worth the wait!


Until next week!